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Morenza Booysen

Financial Solutions Advertising Specialist

Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. Babies thrive on routine. Start as soon as you get home from the hospital. Even when baby gets older, stick to your routine.

Janine Jacobs

Boys' Product Coordinator

Feeding: Always start your baby on blended vegetables and natural, homemade is the BEST!
Diapering: Always pack an extra set of clothes and nappies when leaving the house.

Samantha Theunissen

Essentials & Footwear Product Coordinator

Get toothpaste and a toothbrush especially made for kids. They’ll love seeing their favourite character on the toothpaste packaging.

Katinka van Huyssteen

CFE Advertising Manager

Especially now in winter when they sleep and their nose sounds a little blocked, I always rub their chest with Puma balm. Such an old product, but works in no time and gives them a peaceful night’s sleep.

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What our moms are saying

Don't allow your kids to stay up as late as you do - make sure to get them to bed by 7pm. This will give you plenty of time for yourself and your partner.

Nare Moloto

When you're going out, always pack some extra snacks and water for you, and your kids.

Melanie Rossouw

Create special family traditions to keep your children safe and secure. My kids can't wait for Friday Family Movie Night!

Merlin Norman