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I use Vaseline Blue seal for my baby and Johnson's soap for bathing.

Purity & Elizabeth Anne's products are the best.

Make sure that whenever you change your baby's nappy you wipe their baby bums and use Nitish with Vaseline blue seal original. Your baby skin will be always soft and lovely.

It's important to choose baby products that aren't harmful to the baby's skin. I prefer using Johnson Johnson body wash than the block soapbecause it's good for my baby's skin and doesn't cause any irritation to the skin and it's also important to limit using many products for the skin. Body cream or baby petroleum gel (non fragranced), no beed.

Our little ones are very sensitive when it comes to the products we use on them. So it's better to use products that are non-fragrant like for example baby wipes should not be perfumed.

Johnson baby products are the best for your baby's skin, my baby's skin is so soft and shiny thanks to Johnson.

Always make sure that the utensils you use for your baby are properly cleaned before you use it.

Huggies Gold diapers are the best, no burns or rashes.

Ackerman's store is the best with affordable prices when it comes to baby clothing, nappies and baby wipes, my little one always look good.

Always make sure that you use the correct products to make the baby smell good and to make the baby skin soft all the times e.g Johnson and Johnson products.


My baby always had a rash that does not go away and I thought it is heat rash until I realize that it never heals but disappear and keeps coming back. I was advised to wash his clothes with sunlight bar soap, bath him with emulsifying ointment and apply aqueous cream after bath. He is much better now. Try it, moms.

Vaseline blue seal is the best for avoiding nappy rash. It is working wonders fort little one

Real Zambak green works best for nappy rash, nappy burn & is cheap.

When I'm bathing my baby since its winter and her skin is still sensitive. I pour several drops of johnsons baby oil in water then bath her with sunlight bar soap leaving her body soft and moisturized before I lotion her with vaseline blue seal.

Tommee Tippee bottles are the best for babies. The teets are made to be similar to the nipples and they prevent the baby from sucking a lot of air which prevents colic. So if your baby is being bottle-fed, Tommee Tippee is the way.

Avoid using strong soaps on our baby's skin. As moms we know our babies have a very soft and fragile skin, imagine applying a strong soap on your baby's skin that could affect our baby's skin and cause unnecessary rash. When bathing them let's use baby's products without fragrances. Let's take care of our baby's skin.

As you not sure if your baby will have skin allergies with some products being too harsh, for their first 6 months stick to fragrance free products from body wash, aqueous cream to good old faithful Vaseline as bum cream to prevent any rashes or irritation

Get toothpaste and a toothbrush especially made for kids. They'll love seeing their favourite character on the toothpaste packaging.

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