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When your baby begins to explore, they want to touch everything around them and eat it. So keep away small objects around the baby to avoid swallowing and choking on them.

Never leave your baby unattended.

Always check on your baby when he/she is playing.

Prevention of home accidents and injuries at home on children, 1) Keep medicines and chemicals out of reach of the children. 2) Make sure that your baby's food and milk are at a lower temperature. 3) Always test water temperature when bathing your baby 4) Always make sure that the bathroom is closed. 5) Keep matches and lighters out of reach of the children. 6) Keep the floor dry to prevent slipping on it. 7) Never leave your baby unattended with a bottle of milk. 8) Install a proper cover for your plug socket outlets. 9) Never leave the children alone in a bath filled with water.

When your child has an allergic reaction because of the diaper, quickly apply your breast milk onto the rash to stop it from spreading.

Always remember to put away/lock harmful products and keep them far from reach to avoid the baby from being harmed and badly hurt. As they grow they want to explore, by touching and eating. Keep the floors clean. Wipe off any spilled liquids, broken glass, food and insects.

4 signs that your child has overheated 1.Hot – They feel hot to the touch. 2.Dizzy – They seem confused or dizzy. 3.Rash – They have a heat rash. 4.Nauseous – They start vomiting for no reason.

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