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Please note: Health tips shared on this platform are not the opinions of Ackermans and are the views of the moms themselves. Kindly visit your family GP or pediatrician for professional medical advice.

Letting baby sleep on their tummy after 3 weeks old helps for colic babies. As long as you observe them now and then, to make sure they're okay, mine slept through the whole night after doing. He sleeps next to me so that I can keep an eye on him through the night.

My baby is overweight, and sometimes I get scared but you can't put a 1-year-old baby on a strict diet right? So what I do is, I snack healthy, gym, drink a lot of water to n her presence so that she can imitate me and so far it's working great. I hope this is helpful to moms who are facing the same problem.

Your child's' health has to be the first priority.

To keep your baby healthy is to keep him/her clean and hygienic.

If your baby has flu and he/ she is unable to breath just take warm water drops in the nose.

The best remedy for when your baby has a cold is a homemade saline solution (lukewarm saltwater).

Always use cotton wool with warm water to wipe the baby instead of wet wipes to avoid your baby getting a rash.

I have discovered that oatmeal is good for baby rash and eczema. My boy had a rash all over his neck and I discovered a bit of eczema on his cheeks. Then I remembered my old Granny's remedy of oats and coconut oil. Here's how to prepare; pour raw oats in a bowl add warm water leave for about 2 minutes then sift the oats milky water in a separate bowl because that's what we need. The water will be just a bit thicker. Apply to the baby's affected area leave for few seconds or minute then wash with warm water. Pat dry then apply just a little bit of coconut oil. That is the best home remedy for rash and eczema.

Always keep the feeding equipment clean also bath the baby three to 2 times a day.

My baby has been diagnosed with brain tumor and hydrocephalus, I didn't notice, all the signs were right in my face but I paid no attention, as mothers I would like to advise you to go to clinics for checkups make sure your baby is healthy and well taken care of.

Always wash your hands before you carry your baby if you are a working mother. Always sterilize your baby's utensils. Do not allow people to kiss your child, people are sick out there.

Make sure you carefully read all the instructions of the medication before giving it to the baby.

Make sure u take care of your baby, take your baby for for immunization at your nearest clinic, make sure u sterilized bottle or dish before u feed your baby, keep your baby clean.

Before using a baby bottle make sure you wash your hands with soap, use boiling water and sterilize with salt.

When you are a mother make sure you are fully immunized don't miss any appointments.

Always wash your hands after using toilet, before you prepare any foo ,and before you feed your baby wash your baby's hands too.

Always keep your baby clean.

When it comes to a baby's health be cautious as a mom. Do not let your baby catch a fever, it is not something you ever want. Do not let your little one's fever reach 38. When she is 6+ it's when they start getting sick often. Keep a thermometer & medication always for those hard nights. Always give your babies health the best attention.

Ladies lets not give our kids sweets at an early age.

I'm raising a premature, isn't an easy journey one mistake may it be coldness or dust and you're back to the ICU so be careful at all the times.

Mommies make sure that your baby drinks clean water every day and sterilize their bottles so that they don't ingest germs. Boiling them is also a good option to go for.

Do not give newborn any medication with alcohol content and high sucrose (sugar component).

Always try to keep a hat on a newborn as babies lose heat through their head as they learn to regulate body temperatures.

Do not let baby sleep with their bib on as this can strangle them. Remove any toy or object in their cot bed to avoid suffocation.

Clean baby's neck at least twice a day as milk n drool can accumulate and cause irritation or a rash.

Wash hands before you feed or hold the baby that's very important to you moms.

Guys please make sure that you dress your baby with clean clothes everyday.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

My daughter was hospitalised when she was six months old, when she started to eat food, she was diagnosed with asthma. Only to find that she was allergic to some vegetables and this was causing a lot of phlegm in her lungs. Regular cough and nose blockages in kids is mostly caused by allergies.

Mommies, always check your baby, if you see something that you don't understand, go through hospital or clinic.

For colds, flu and coughs don't use cough syrups anymore, only use honey and lemon juice and a teaspoon a day keeps the flu away.

Best medicine for a cough that doesn't want to go away ps. I have a 2 year old, I do not recommended these to be given to babies younger then 1 .1x bottle of turlington, 1x bottol of borstel or 1x can of condensed milk mixed good can be given as they need it. Works on adults too.

I'm a first-time mom and we know how scary it is to be a single mom with a sick baby, my baby suffers from sinuses and it's been from birth but I don't panic and rush to the clinic or hospital every time I feel scared. I first take a breath and see how to help my baby breath better from a stuffy nose and sinuses I have cut out on all sweets and drinks as I'm still breastfeeding and found that it helps with congestions and tried the over the counter nasal spray for blocked nose and it helps well most days.

When my bundle of joy was born in March I used to struggle with him being colic, stomach massage and Bicycle kicks helped a lot. I would encourage, all moms to be to try it, it calms and soothes the wind.

Health of the children, 1)breast milk help the baby to resist infection and it provides the baby with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies. 2)immunisation help to strengthen the baby's immune system to fight the diseases like polio, meningitis, measles, TB. It is very much important to breast feed your baby and take your baby to the clinic for immunisation.

As a mom we must make sure the house is clean so that our babies doesn't get infected with germs.

Stomach cramps are something very common in babies as they grow. Always, ensure to have Buscopan at home. It's honestly the best!


Please always remember the dates of your baby for the next check-up at the clinic for orals and injections. They are very much important.

Mummies let's wash our hands after changing our babies nappies and always remember to wash your hands before making our Lil ones food or formula let's be careful with hygiene

Mums let us practice hand hygiene when our little ones are concerned, after everything you do wash your hands and teach the whole family and friend to practice hand hygiene around a baby.

when my son is not well and doesn't want to take his medicine l always tell him how his favorite superheros spiderman and ironman take the medicine to keep all the time even if he has to get an injection shot

I use Cetaphil Restoraderm for my baby. It’s so gentle and baby never has any skin issues...

Apply Vaseline on baby's nose to avoid dryness and cracking of the skin.

Always boil and let the water cool down. For anything referring to your baby.

I like to make sure that my baby is eating and leaving healthy.

hai, parents I just wanna advise with the cleanness of your baby. I speak from experience. Please keep your kids clean, especially the ears of the baby because dirtiness may cause harm to your little one and the bottle must be washed and boiled in a pot please parents.

It's good to make sure your baby looks good and healthy regularly. Try to notice if your baby is sick and if there's a lack of something that needs to be boosted. Make sure he or she gets it. Let's do it Momyz

Make sure you take your child to his / her clinic immunizations.

Listen to the sounds your baby makes. Talk to your baby. Give your baby Vitamin A at 9 months, then every 6 months until he/she turns 5. Make sure you give him/her water regularly. A happy baby makes life a lot easier.

Always wash your baby's milk bottle with hot water, you can even soak the bottles to remove germs.

Health is important. Firstly, when bathing your baby use Dettol make sure your baby bathes 3 times a day. You also need to look after their toys and disinfect them.

Always use the correct measurement when giving medicine to avoid overdosing your child. Make sure kids hands are always clean as they put their hands in their mouths and clean their bottles every time you feed them.

Every time we sneeze or cough we must wash our hands because babies are very sensitive and it is also good for our health.

To keep your baby healthy is by looking after them and to make sure he/she has the best lifestyle.

Your baby's health is important, firstly make sure your baby get immunized in time, to minimize any threats that he/she may encounter during his/her development.

For dry skin or eczema, I advise mommies to use crème classique it really helped my son, you simply apply before and after bath can also be used as a soap.

Washing our hands before playing and caring for our kids is the best way. Hygienic cleanliness is needed in our lives and our baby life.

Every baby is suppose to be clean, bath him/her twice a day.

It's important to take a walk with your baby for them to feel the love of nature and also for fun.

Hi mommies if your baby has diarrhea please give sugar salt solution to prevent dehydration.

Avoid already made foods and formula for your baby. Boil vegies and fruits and breast feed until atleast 24 months.

Caring and nurturing your child gives him/her a healthy life growing up.

As a mother. Hands hygiene is very Important! To prevent your kid/children from getting germs and bacteria.

A raw onion might not be your first choice as an air freshener for baby's room, but it can help break up congestion when junior has a cold.

Don't forget to make sure your baby gets immunized. These protect your baby from diseases that kills.

The health of my baby is very important to me . I like to see my baby happy and healthy .

Regular hand washing is the simplest, most effective way to get rid of cold and flu germs. So wash your hands after you change your baby's diaper and wipe his runny nose, as well as before preparing food.

It's very vital for every Mom to have a thermometer at all times because you need to know the actual body temperature reading , that will help you make a decision whether to take the baby to the hospital immediately or not.

We must always wipe our floors and make sure there's no paper on the floor - this is to avoid baby from picking them up. And always wash our hands before and after nappy change

Never leave your baby alone when bathing

Avoid exposing your baby to strong winds

Give your little one 'bicycle legs' for a few minutes if they seem to be constipated.

Make sure when my baby is having fever I give her calpol

Healthy food makes healthy body

Breast milk is best

Educate yourself on how to keep your baby healthy and what health measures to put in place if your baby is not feeling well.

Reduce mucus-producing foods like dairy when your baby has a cold. Rather give them water and/or rooibos tea

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