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Breastfeed your baby up to 2 years or older to ensure your little angel gets enough nutrients.

If your baby doesn't want to eat his/her vegetables give him/her a spoon of fruit and then a spoon of vegetables. This way we subtly 'bribe' and all the veggies get eaten.

My 5-month-old is tired of the bottle. I think he's ready for solids but I'm waiting for 6 months. I add glycerin onto his tongue to make him think he's drinking something new. It works.

Breastfeeding is the best , it's bonding time with little one.

You must make sure that you breast feed your baby for 6 months.

Please be careful of what you feed your kids, some food are not for kids, like low fat yogurt, rather feed your kids medium fat yogurt.

Every baby is a unique being when it comes to food and everything else, some eat more than others and some less than others, we can never compare them.

Breastfeeding is the best. It keeps u very close to your child and makes both of you understand each other very well. When the child sees you he/she feels protected. Please give your child much more love so that he/she trusts you with every moment.

Always introduce your little one to vegetables first before any sweet food and water are the best for your baby!

We moms we have to wash our hands every time before we feed our babies.

Always burp your baby after feeding.

Breast feeding is the best and healthiest and it helps to bond with the baby and it decreases the chances of illnesses like vomiting.

I teach my son to eat healthy everyday before i take him to day care, i feed him breakfast after bathing him.

I always make sure that I breast feed her and healthy baby food such as purity pouches, pap, spinach and nestum.

When you breast feed always make sure you not tense because your baby can feel all the tension and that could make him/her sick.

Feed your baby after 3 hours.

Vermeeder die fyngemaakte kos vir jou baba geleidelik. Gee hom/haar nogsteeds borsmelk elke dag. Geen ander kos 2× per dag.

Fresh cooked food for a baby is good and healthy. After a week my baby was born, she was constipated, a doctor suggested to change formula to infarecare and after a month he advised us to only feed her cooked food, I mean soft foods, vegetables, fruits etc. We didn't use all those and already made food and instant food.

When you breast feed you baby make sure you hold them well and hold the breast for them.

When breastfeeding your baby, Support the head and neck, Protect baby's hips and Keep baby's face clear.

Breastfeeding is the best it, ensures your baby is healthier and getting all the nutrients needed to grow up. If you don't breastfeed it's important to wash and boil your baby's bottle before you prepare the milk for him or her. When the baby is 6 months old then you should feed him/her solid foods start with small portions a day, NEVER overfeed your baby, it's not healthy.

A baby must be breastfed until six months.

Feed your baby healthy food, not too much fat and sugar. If its a yogurt must be low fat.

It is important to breastfeed your baby.

Mom please make sure you don't refill the baby milk, left over milk needs to be thrown away and make a fresh one.

It is important as a mother to not mix feed your baby before 6 months. Exclusively breastfeeding and one other thing do not give your baby sweet things before the age of 1 year. One other thing is that when feeding your baby at 6 months, introduce home cooked vegetables like sweet potatoes, pumpkin and potatoes.

Baby feeding is very important especially using vegetables and fruit.

Hi please don't bottle feed the child while sleeping she/he will sleeping he will choke.

Wash your hands before you start preparing your child a meal.

Breastfeeding is the best for your child to grow healthy.

Always have time to feed your baby healthy food so that he/she always active and healthy.

To avoid nappy rash, change the diaper often. Dry nappy, happy child.

Let's breastfeed our babies for the first six months without any other substitute so that they have healthy bodies, thank you.

Home made own puree is the best food you can give your bundle of Joy.

Make sure the baby is well fed, it makes the baby to sleep better, less crying and enough sleep for you mom.

It's important to feed babies healthy food.

Always breastfeed your baby before giving food.

When breastfeeding always use a wet clean cloth to wipe the breast before feeding your baby.

Breastfeeding is healthy for the baby it helps the baby grow up strong and healthy.

It is important to breastfeed your baby they will grow up strong and healthy.

Breastfeeding is the best formula for our babies.

Always feed the baby before leaving the house.

My advice to mom's, please don't hesitate to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding builds a bond between you & your baby.

Breastfeeding is the best for my baby she enjoyed it, more than anything else whenever she wakes up I feed her.

Feed as long as you possibly can. This is a bonding session with baby. Babies grow up feeling confident, happy and self-assured.

Feed your baby anytime there is no time limit as they grow they need to be feed now and again.

Breast milk is good for the baby, breastfeed your baby for the 1st 6months after birth and if you are a working mom buy yourself a breast pump. Your baby will grow up fast and be healthy let us give our baby's what's the best mommy.

It is important to breastfeed your baby because it keeps the baby strong and healthy. Breastfeeding is good for the baby because it builds a bond between mom and baby.

Moms feed the baby right food it's a good way of growing your child she/he will stay happy and be fresh.

If you're going back to work then start pumping milk and teach your baby to take a bottle early.

Play with your baby while feeding her so that she eat well.

Save money by, buying vegetables and fruits and making puree yourself for your baby and he/she will have the healthiest meals ever.

If your baby has a heavy chest and is eating cerelac cereal. Cut it out for a few days or alternate between days. Will clear it quicker.

I think it's best to not force our babies to eat what they don't like. It's best if we try different kinds of foods every three days to identify what they prefer.

We must always make sure that our babies eat healthy food it is very important.

It's good to breastfeed your baby, my princess is 1 year 6 months and I'm still breastfeeding her and she eats well too.

Breastfeeding is best for the baby to grow healthy and strong for 2 years the baby needs the milk so it will grow in a healthy way.

Breastfeeding your baby is mostly known as the best.

My tip is that women who are breastfeeding and for those who don't have enough milk to feed the child, you must try to eat foods that have a lot of onion or you can cut it into pieces eat it or boil it and drink the onion juice and you will have enough much milk to feed your baby.

Make sure after breastfeeding you give your baby water so that his/her digestive system can work properly.

My baby girl, she loves vegetables a lot. Vegetables are a good source of nutrients.

Start feeding solid foods at 6 months before that breastfeed your baby as many times as you can every every 3 hours.

To have enough milk for your baby while breastfeeding, drink a cup of Rooibos tea before going to bed everyday.

Newborns do not need water as they get hydration from their milk supply.

Follow baby cues, dont wait until they cry as thats the last stage of hunger. Baby will swallow alot of air when feeding after crying which will yield colicky symptoms.

Breastfeeding is the best, if you had to go to work and you don't want to stop, manual breast pump can do the trick with you drinking a lot of fluids and taking a warm bath before pumping, massaging the breast before, it worked for me, it shall also work on you to and not forgetting the prominent part keep bottles sterile you can simply wash them with dish wash then soak bottles with warm water.

I feed my baby before leaving the house and I make sure that I pack food for her to eat when we are not at home.

Mommies let make sure that we don't feed our young ones under 6 months old, he /she must reach 6 months then you can start feeding them and it must be a light food like purity 3 minutes cook with a soft n comfortable little spoon and maybe once a day after you done feeding the baby you breastfeed. Trust me your Baby will grow fast and stay fresh.

Patience is highly recommended when introducing solids to babies, especially fussy eaters and to ensure a balanced diet is offered.

Give your baby proper food for babies, for your child to grow well.

I am feeding my baby breast milk because it's healthy and it's always there even if there is load shedding, it's always fresh.

Feed your baby twice a day and give her\him water after eating and also include medicine.

Be careful not to let your baby go to sleep wearing a tracksuit with a zip, it could be dangerous for their necks.

Feed your baby three times a day plus 2 snacks.

You have to play with your baby before feeding them and make them laugh because when they are happy they eat with peace but when they are angry its not possible to feed them with peace.

@ 7-8months my babyboy was trying different food and got constipated. I've learnt that including lots of "P" fruits (and their juices) such a prunes/pears/peaches in his diet helps soften the stools and help with digestion.

Understand that the summer season is for bright colours that best suits baby's skin colour.

After changing your baby's nappy make sure you wash your hands to avoid bacteria when touching your baby afterwards. Ensure that the toys they play with are clean and keep their bottle close at all times.

I feed my kid every after 4 hours and I make sure she enjoys it.

It's very important to feed our little ones veggies and fruits to help them grow well and also breast feeding helps them fight diseases.

Breastfeeding because is the best meal for babies.

My son is 6 months and is still breastfeeding. I know a lot of moms are working or are full time students, however for those that aren't, I highly recommend breastfeeding as it creates a strong bond between mom and baby. Also, there's less health issues and your baby grows well without any illnesses. I love breastfeeding and would highly recommend it for any mom.

Play around with the menu of your child so that your child enjoys feeding time.

When preparing your babies food, make sure it includes all the right nutrients and play around with the menu.

When feeding your child, rather, feed him in small quantities frequently than feeding him a large meal over a long period.

Breast feeding the baby at 10pm which is my bed time and she will sleep through until morning.

I always sing when I am feeding so that she will enjoy the food.

Breast milk is very important for the baby, my son is 8 months and I am exclusively breastfeeding him.

Hi, I just want to tell all the moms that breast milk is the best so let us keep on giving them breast milk.

It's good and perfect to breastfeed your child because it's good for their growth.

Give your baby a lot of formula or breast milk after feeding them veggies, fruit or cereal but remember to not overfeed them.

When baby is crying, baby is hungry. Put a teaspoon of cereal in the bottle of milk. Cerelac is what I used.

Breastfeeding your baby is the best medicine for your child. Your baby grows up healthy and strong without any complications.

Gently hold your baby when breastfeeding or using formula, look in her eyes and talk to your baby while she is enjoying her milk and sing to her.

When you feed the baby you must always wash you hands beforehand.

Take care of your baby 1st, everything else will get done. Spend as much time with your baby as possible and take a well deserved rest and enjoy feeding baby.

I am always happy when my little boy finishes his food, I feed him different types of food so that he does not get used to one type of food or certain taste.

Breast feeding is the best and healthy for your child.

Breastfeeding is important for the baby's growth. It helps your baby to grow strong and healthy.

Breastfeeding is important for the baby's growth and helps the baby to grow strong and more healthy.

I enjoy feeding my little one to keep her strong and she enjoys her food that is why I like feeding her.

Breastfeeding is very much healthy and it allows you to bond with your child. Parents please breastfeed your child.

I feed my baby pap and milk twice a day.

Healthy food to develop my baby boy strong.

Breast feeding is the most wonderful thing. Always look into your baby's eyes when you do and sit up straight.

These days its much better to feed your baby porridge within a month after they're born especially when your baby cries to much.

Breastfeeding you're baby is the best. They will grow healthy and strong.

It is best to introduce healthy foods to your baby. There are a lot of ways to spice things up for them to enjoy their vegetables. Make sure to give your baby water every day.

As a parent to a newborn, it's best to start with a schedule. Start to see what time baby feeds, how long baby feeds and time-lapse before the baby gets hungry. And try to keep at that time each day.

My baby has never sick that's because I've been breastfeeding her since birth. Please, mommies, try to breastfeed your little one. It's good for them and for you too. You get to bond with your little one.

My baby was never sick, that's because she has been breastfeeding since birth. Please mommies try to breastfeed your little one. It's good for them and for you too (bonding?)

Breastfeeding is the best way to keep the baby healthy.

Please don't feed the baby solid foods while he/she is under 6 months because the babies get sick, stick to breastfeeding.

We have to feed our babies in a timetable, he/she must know what time they will get fed.

Hi ladies, my son is teething and he doesn't want to eat, but i have developed a new way of feeding him, whenever I feed him I sing, he loves it when I sing to him and he feeds very well until he finishes his food.

Invest in a blender and make homemade fresh vegetable puree, pasta and butternut or any combination of your choice instead of depending on processed baby food for your 6 month+ baby . It's fresh, healthier and cheaper.

I Love it when its feeding time. As I can't wait to try out new things like vegetables, fruits and smoothies etc. One thing that I love the most is to see the look on my baby's face when I feed him. The gestures on his face is adorable.

Do not over feed your baby.

Breastfeeding is the best for babies and I just learned that breast milk can do wonders to lots of things, and that as long as you breastfeed you prevent your child from having allergies and that you don’t have to give a baby food until your baby is 6 months, it’s because of allergies and also that it prevents skin conditions like eczema.

I used to feed my baby boy fruits so that he will grow healthy and strong and I was still breast feeding him until 2 years.

Always make sure you keep your baby's feeding cup or bottle close after feeding them.

Please breast feed your baby for six months, your baby will be healthy and strong, it's always ready, you save time and money and breast milk increase IQ for your baby and promote the bond between mother and child.

Always include a vegetable in every meal you cook. Avoid too much salt & oil when cooking.

It’s really easy to not pay attention to your Baby’s water needs because we get so used to the thought that our babies drink formula. My tip when it comes to making sure baby has enough water everyday would be to boil a one liter of water and place it in a visible area in your refrigerator. Every morning before you start ‘Mommy duties’ pour the suggested amount into baby’s drinking cup and let it warm up naturally to room temperature out of the fridge before giving it to your baby. It really helps having it purified before hand.

Feed babies fruits and vegetables and spend time with them.

Feed your children 3 times a day.

Being a mom is the greatest feeling ever. First, give your baby creamy breast milk is more important and it gives mom and baby time to bond more. Breast milk is best for the babies, remember always to wash your hands before you prepare food, talk to your practitioner before choosing to give any food to get advice about what's healthy and not healthy.

I would like to let all mothers who have babies to know that breastfeeding baby helps them to grow fast and never get sick easily because of breast milk it is good for their health.

It's so beautiful when God give us a gift. Each and everyday when you wake up you know you have something to put a smile on your face. Play with your child while giving him food. What he will focus on is a play while you know his eating. Teach him one song you will dance with when he's eating, he will know it that it's fun time.

Breastfeeding is the best as I breastfeed for 24 months. My babies don't get sick even if they teething. I give them mash potato and chicken livers, mince with veggies and rice at 6 month. I focus on soft food to make them strong, thanks.

Babies to be on exclusive breastfeeding for six months to stay healthy. Mixing feeds will cause illnesses e.g distended abdomen. Let us be proud of breastfeeding.

As mom's, we need to make sure that we feed our babies healthy recommended food for them not to get sick.

Breast milk helps keep your baby healthy, it supplies all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions, it protects against diseases like diabetes and cancer. It is easily digested -no constipation, diarrhoea or upset stomach.

Breastmilk helps to keep your baby healthy. It supplies all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions. It protects against diseases like diabetes and cancer. It is easily digested -no constipation, diarrhea or upset stomach.

Give your baby a chance to taste everything and find their favourite foods.

If your baby has been crying for a long time, rather hold him/her then talk to him/her softly than to breastfeed him/her on the spot.

Lets not give them spicy food at an early age.

Instead of buying ready-made food like purity and other processed foods. Just buy a blender, fruit & vegetables and make good healthy purée for baby while it still fresh and no chemicals added just organic food and it saves your money.

Breastfeeding is the best for the baby to help them grow healthy and strong.

My baby is very healthy because I'm breast feeding.

Always care about your child knowing his or her so that if there is any problem with his or her will be easy to see. Ensure that you give her healthy food and also taking good care for all babies stuff, don't forget to play with your baby that makes a special bond.

Breastfeeding your baby makes your baby healthy. It reduces the high risk of getting sick. Be proud of your baby breastfeed him/her anytime anywhere love your child.

Breastfeeding is good for your baby's growth. It becomes easier to feel when your baby is not feeling well or not growing healthy.

After every breastfeed apply nipple cream so that your nipples won't crack


Mommies to keep your baby healthy do not mix feed and exclusively give milk for 6 months before giving solids

When breastfeeding your baby moms you need to rub very gently your baby's head, the very soft spot of your baby's head whilst feeding the baby this technique helps the baby's soft spot in the head to quickly grow hard and not only that but also as the baby enjoys this technique it helps with the bond between mother and child.

l always reward my son whenever he eats his vegetables to encourage him to keep on eating them.

You should breastfeed your baby from six months until your baby is 2 years old.

Breastfeeding is the best and healthy for our babies for six months.

Hi moms breastfeeding is the best for our babies and it also protect them from diseases.

Hi moms, breastfeeding is the best for our babies and it also protects them from diseases.

When your baby is younger than 6 months you must only give him/her breast milk or formula. You can start giving solid food when he/she is older than six months, starting with a few spoons( small portions). When he/she is 9 months or older you can feed him/her 3-4 times a day and make sure he/she is getting enough fluids. Make sure you have a routine.

Always take 2 or more diapers when you leave the house.

As we moms we have to make sure that we take care of our kids always, make sure that they are clean and healthy.

Make sure you feeding your baby with time and at least try to feed him/her on the same time every day and try to feeding him 4 times a day and don't forget to wash your hand before feeding

It's wise to feed your baby soon after bathing at night so, that they sleep for long hours and you get time to sleep rather than waking up every hour while they cry from hunger.

Breastfeeding is the most important thing for your baby. It gives you time to bond with your baby. Your baby will always be active. Breast milk always ready to feed your baby.

Mommies should always breastfeed their kids so that they get stronger and won't easily get sick

When making a bottle wait for the water to be at room temperature to get rid of any unhealthy bacteria.

Most mom's tend to rush their babies when feeding them and the reason behind this could be (wanting the baby to finish his/her meal) this can also cause the food to come out of the baby's noes, while some moms would be much slower giving the baby enough time to digest the food. Babies have different preferences therefore it is best to take proper note of the style your baby prefers when eating to strengthen the bond and love of a child and mother.

When you bottle feeding your baby, to avoid choking always put your baby to the front. Wash your hands and check your feeding table on your baby formula.

When baby likes a certain flavour of food stick to it for a month or two and gradually introduce new flavours, this way baby will enjoy eating more and get excited when tasting other flavours.

When baby likes a certain flavour of food stick to it for a month or two and gradually introduce new flavours, this way baby will enjoy eating more and get excited when tasting other flavours.

Don't add sugar to babies foods. Introduce food without sugar to an infant.

Breastfeeding is one of the best recommendations by the doctors, till 6 months after that 6 months you can introduce your baby on homemade veggies and fruits, by using a clean, blender. Create your own purity. A healthy baby is a happy baby.

Make sure that your baby doesn't miss the feeding time, also try to feed the baby even if your baby is not well.

Hello Mom! Your baby needs the right food to grow well. Feed him plenty of fruit, vegetables, and beans. Avoid sugary or fizzy drinks and salty foods.

Breastfeeding is the best, the reason for my statement is that breast milk never gets sour, it is never too cold or to hot and you can feed your baby 24 hours a day.

I used to make her laugh so that her mouth will open and put the food while the mouth is still open.

Brand new moms - let me tell you what I wish someone had told me: nipple cream is your BEST friend, from the first feed going forward. You will save yourself lots of unnecessary pain. And try to NEVER miss a feed even if you're tired. Ever heard of engorged breasts? If they do occur, as a result of skipping feeds, rather empty the engorged breast with a pump because if baby gets hold of it, her sucking causes immense pain. By the way, the only cure is to empty the boon regardless of how painful it is.

Always feed your baby healthy foods and dress him/her warm and attractively.

Always feed your baby healthy foods and dress him/her warm and attractively.

Breast milk is very good for your baby. I have 3months baby boy I'm breastfeeding him and it's so easy and healthy to the baby it, gives vitamins and nutrients they need into their bodies.

Google jungle juice for those who wish to breastfeed. It increases your breast milk.

Breastfeeding is best for your child, it gives you time to connect with your baby, and it gives your baby time to know you and play with you.

Never stress about over/under feeding and weight, as long as baby is fed and happy. Baby will never reject food if his hungry and never open his/her mouth if not hungry :)

Always feed your baby different things so you can know what they allergic to and what then not allergic too.

Mothers, please feed your healthy baby food and food that are age-appropriate.

When it's time to breastfeed your baby, that's a wonderful moment where you get to connect with your little one.

If you breastfeed baby refuses a bottle. (i.e; gags when you put the bottle in their mouth) try changing the teet from silicone to latex. Latex teets are way softer and resemble the texture of a nipple more than silicone.

I'm a breastfeeding mom, I never thought that my son will reach 12 months and still be breastfeeding...breastfeeding is the best!! :-).

Parents please lets not allow our precious gift to go to bed on an empty stomach, just make sure they get the last dish/meal it helps them sleep too.

Mommies, please make sure that you don't overfeed your baby. Feed every 3 hours and when your baby cries, try to cuddle and show love.

Breastfeeding it's the best for both the baby and mom. Mom's please breastfeed your babies for two years, it helps prevents sickness so easily it makes them strong and smart.

Synchronize your heartbeat with your baby so they still think they are in your womb when pacifying them. Even helpers can do that.

Hi moms, If you're breastfeeding your newborn baby, you should make sure you feed your baby 20 minutes on each breast, that should keep him or her full for at least 2 hours, always wake them up after 2 hours and feed don't let them oversleep good luck moms.

Breastfeeding your baby is the Best because it helps them to grow Stronger and not be sick easily.

Breastfeeding your baby is the best because it helps them to grow stronger and not get sick easily.

breast milk is the important thing, and make sure you breastfeed your baby 8 times a day

It is important to breastfeed your baby to avoid disease and make the life of your baby to become better.

Breastfeeding should not be excruciatingly painful. If it is, like how it was for me, go see a lactation consultant right away. Give it about four weeks, and you'll find your flow.

Breast feeding is the best and your baby don't get sick, they stay healthy.

It's very important that you keep eye contact with your baby when you are feeding him or her. Play and sing songs for him or her so that they should be able to finish their food.

Breastfeeding is the best for the baby because the baby won't be sick, it makes the baby grow up without any sicknesses. Even in clinic's they say breastfeed your baby for 6 months, it's the best for the baby.

As soon as you introduce your baby to solids, introduce them to different textures and flavours, to avoid a fussy eater when they are older.

If you are a new mom do not panic when your baby wants to breastfeed all the time and assume the baby is not getting full because he is, babies also breastfeed for comfort and sometimes they just want to be close to the only familiar person they know which is you mommy.

Breastfeeding is healthy for our babies, they don't get sick easily and they stay fresh. Breastfeeding is the best.

If u are breastfeeding, it's best to breastfeed your baby before giving him a meal and breastfeed him again after a meal and also for babies who drink formula.

Make your own food for your baby, packed with vitamins and minerals that your baby need.

Breastfeeding keeps baby special and having moments with each other it's very healthy though to breastfeeding.

For white tongue I just peel a apple or pear, she sucks it and the tongue becomes clean with no white spots anymore and instead of buying canned food, I cook fresh butternut or mash potato and blend them in a blender, a bit of syrup and she enjoys it, even mixed fruits.

Best tip for mums with babys teething, biltong does wonders give baby too suck on stick and bite as well, great flavour and strengthens gums.

Through my breastfeeding journey I learnt a lot it's a special thing and a healthy thing. Breastfeeding your little one creates a very strong bond between a mother and a child. It also protect your child from having a complicated health. They grow up with healthy and active minds.

Breastfeeding is the best gift you can ever give to your baby.

It is best to feed your child vegetables he/she will grow well and strong.

Please mommies breastfeed your babies as much as possible. The breast milk is healthier than any food you'll be giving your baby!

It is very important to breast feed our baby in the first week the baby is born. The first milk will have more good development to your baby. Eg : improve your baby eyes. Strong bones. Good skin.

All mothers are encouraged to avoid feeding babies expensive already made foods avoiding breast milk and cooked foods like pumpkins, carrots, other vegetables and fruits. The baby becomes healthy, no sickness, always happy and no stress of always buying formula and other already made foods.

Instead of buying baby formula I say lets feed our babies fresh breast milk quick and easy healthy eating for our developing babies.

It's important to breast feed your child if you not working as me it's a special bond with your little ones it's a happy moments.

I've learnt to be very patient when baby doesn't want to eat or finish her food. Try frequent smaller feeds if baby doesn't like food that much.

I know not all the moms are breast feeding however it is the best especially now in winter as I don't have to get up now and then for bottle warming and keep my baby warmer and closer to me. I even decided to do co-sleeping for that extra warmth he needs for his growth. Breast fed babies do not easily get sick or are as difficult. You never have to worry about the milk supply and worry if the baby gets enough nutrition.

Food is an essential part of your baby's development. Choosing the right type of food to give your baby should be well thought out, planned and priority to a mother. The best food for your baby is one you prepare yourself because you will know exactly what is in it. Baby food is easy to prepare because it doesn't need a lot of ingredients in it. The best way is to wash your vegetables and fruits properly and just boil them individually. No need to add any salt, sugar or spices because fruit and vegetables usually have their own natural flavour that will satisfy the baby. Try one food type per feeding until baby is familiar with routine eating, then mashed meat can be added.

Make sure you eat, drink healthy because what you eat and drink is what your little one is also eating through breastfeeding.

If the baby is like my baby who doesn't like eating always feed her doing what he or she likes best, I feed my while dancing to music going up and down.

Most of us moms, we hold our children when the eat or put them in one place where we can feed but if you let your child do what ever when busy feeding I promise she will eat a whole plate of food because she's simply free if it means following her around then do it let her play while feeding.

It is good to stop breast feeding when your baby is 24 months old so that your baby can stay healthy and strong.

Breastfeeding only for the first six months is the best for our babies lets love our babies.

Let's not mix feed our babies, let's breast feed them till 6 months, then after you can mix feed # our baby's health comes first mommy's.

Don't get drunk while you breastfeed. Don't feel pressure to breastfeed or formula feed exclusively. Always say "I Love You".

Take care not to over shake the formula when you're mixing it with water, as the more shaking u do, the more air bubbles occur, making it hard for tiny tummies to digest, to minimize any issues from shaking formula too much, let the bottle sit n "rest" before serving to your baby.

When baby starts solid foods, try different types of fruits/vegetables daily, it helps in preventing allergies, ie hives,itching and eczema etc.

When introducing different kinds of fruits it helps to cut them into bite sizes and allow babies be able to taste for themselves and explore the various flavours and textures and oh yes mom under your supervision from a distance.

If your baby don't like food, make sure you make feeding time fun by cracking jokes and while laughing feed him/her and you can run around playing until finished his/her meal. It's not easy to feed a baby who don't like food.

As a first time mommy, I had so many moms giving me advice on breastfeeding and telling me to watch the clock etc. I made sure I fed my baby every 2-3 hours in the first month, after that I did not look at the clock again, I feed when my baby asks me. Don't be to concerned about specific feeding times.

When breastfeeding you as the mom needs to be relaxed and enjoy the time with your little one! have patience especially for first time moms seems to be tense as they do not know what to expect, but if you are calm and relaxed your baby will too be calm and relaxed!

Sit down with your baby then feed him or her slowly and sing a song for him or her while feeding him or her.

Dear beautiful moms out there. As an African lady with African roots, I have seen many African granny's or nannies feeding toddlers solid food before they could even reach 6 months old. This has got a bad impact on the child growth as the tummy is very small to digest such heavy food at their stage. I would love to urge all the moms out there whose kids are being looked after by old nannies or grannies that they should find it necessary to talk to their kids caretaker on how they want their kids to be fed. Proper feeding at an early age prevent the kids from suffering from stomach diseases as they grow old.

Do not give infants solid food at an early age, it will cause constipation, feed them kid's food e.g baby cereal and Purity squiz.

Offer your kids a colourful snack of different fruits and berries, or chop vegetables into interesting shapes to make them seem more fun and exciting.

Understanding your baby's favourite food and how she/he likes it done is very important. Feed in small portion snack with soft fruits. A well fed baby means happy tummy and a happy tummy means a happy baby and peaceful moments with mom❤️

When feeding your baby make sure she or he is in a proper position so that the baby can have enough food.

If you're able to, breastfeeding is best for baby for the first six months. It's helps the baby to develop and bonds with mom easily at the early stages. This is the most natural way to feed your baby and provides all the nutrition your baby needs that satisfies their hunger and thirst at the same time.

Breastfeeding your baby exclusively for the first 4 - 6 months of birth and is what your baby needs. It helps reduces any kinds of sicknesses, it's healthy, free and is always ready to serve (no time costly).

Nothing makes mom happy than seeing her child wear styled clothing with a soft fabric that make a child feel good and look good, so make sure that your child wear comfortable clothes

When baby refuses to eat, get dropper feeder from the nail kit set and squeeze food into the side of the baby's mouth.

Breastfeeding your child up to 24 months is the best nutrition your baby can get.

Mommy, let's breastfeed our babies

Breast feeding baby helps a mother to bond with her child and also helps to prevent illnesses

Breastfeeding is very important for your baby. Your baby won't get sick much, and it helps with your baby's growth.

Try to keep your baby in his/her routine as much as you can.

The love we share during breastfeeding is unconditional. If you're able to, continue to breastfeed your baby - it's very good and important for your baby

Always make sure your baby's meal is colourful and appetising so it can be easier for them to eat. Feed your baby a well balanced diet and include calcium in their meals to help strengthen their bones. Let's raise healthy, well-fed babies

It's so easy to feed your baby if you are always smiling and talking to your baby. Sing/make up a song that you will both enjoy while feeding - your baby will enjoy feeding time too.

Give your baby 1 solid food at a time for a few days to help determine if he or she is allergic to any of the foods. I tried this and it works!

Before feeding your baby, wash your hands with a bar of soap and rinse with warm water. Dry your hands with a clean towel to prevent the spreading of germs.

When you exclusively breastfeed baby tends to get hungry and as a parent you get tired what I did is expressed my milk and fed him through a bottle

Start with foods that will dissolve easily

If your baby is still in the teething phase, start with foods that will dissolve easily in their mouth. Test it and if it dissolves on your tongue, it’s fine for baby.

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