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When changing your babies diaper after pooping use tissue or toilet paper first to wipe the baby then use wipe after the baby dries up then use bum cream to avoid nappy rash and discomfort on the baby.

Do not leave your baby with a soiled diaper for too long, not only will it cause a bum rash, he might develop other sicknesses too as stools are poisonous.

Mommies and mommies to be, I buy both huggies and pampers, I use pampers at night and huggies during the day time, that helps me to not wake up and change her during the night and I also save money.

My baby had no diaper rashes. I just made sure that I rub the buttocks with nice and thick Vaseline.

Make sure that you change your baby's diaper every time.

Mothers should change their baby's diapers regularly and ensure that they keep the child's skin moist.

Hi, moms always check your baby's diaper to avoid nappy rash.

Make sure you change your baby's nappy 8 times a day.

Check and change nappy before feeding the little one.

Regularly change baby's Nappies.

Do not leave the diaper on for long.

Always have extra Diapers in your bag when going out, with his/her wipes. Towel and extra clothes in case she/he makes a mess. Kids are a handful, always be extra safe.

Mom must regularly check baby's nappy because nappies may cause a rash, sore on the buttock and must use baby wipes for his or her bum.

For each diaper change. Thoroughly check your baby's stools. If it's mixed with blood or changed colour from brown or yellow or green to another colour you should get it checked at the clinic immediately.

At least now and then. Let a baby off the diaper. It's so relaxing!

One thing that helps avoid a bottom rash is baby powder. I've always used the same diaper brand and my son has never gotten a bottom rash.

Good day mommies, I prefer pampers premium nappies and the reason for that is that it tells us when the nappy is full it appears a blue line from the front till the back. In this case, we don't have to leave our little ones with one nappy for longer and I constantly check my babies nappy throughout when I'm around and I have taught my mother to do the same hence she is my nanny. Many thanks, Faith.

Change baby's nappy as soon as it's wet or has a poo because it makes them uncomfortable.

Baby should need about 8 nappy changes per day. Don't leave wet, dirty nappies on the baby because it can cause infection or rash.

Always take care of your baby by making sure you change his/her nappy every 3 hours or whenever it's dirty to prevent any infections or rashes

Choose a brand of nappies, wet wipes & baby bum cream that does not cause any irritation on your baby's bottoms. If you find one that does not cause any irritation, then continue to use that one. Don't change brands. Stick to what works for your baby.

Making sure that you change a diaper every 3 hours

When leaving the house with your baby, always pack 2 more diapers than you'll need.

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