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Grow your babies brain by singing and dancing for your baby. Bright coloured toys with soft music is good for you baby.

Stimulate your baby as much as you can through singing and dancing for him/her he'll soon join in each time you start that's the best way giving a baby a personality.

Do not rush your baby to do things other babies do, every baby is unique. Watch out which developmental stages your baby masters and focus on them not what he/she can't do, remember he/she will eventually get there, it's only a matter of time.

Always use your index finger to test the your baby's eye sight. Go left and right to test the eyes . Put your index finger to their nose if they make twisted eyes just know they can see.

No matter how you feel never give your baby a bad vibe, babies are humans too they can sense negative energy. Always try to be happy around your baby so he/she can grow as a happy baby. Everything you do, do it with love and care. Let's show them love!

No two mommy's are the same, what works for me might not work for you. Learn what your baby loves and allow yourself to be led by him/her.

Making time to play with your baby does help on baby development. Buy baby toys appropriate for his/her age. Take walks to show baby outside to see different things going on the outside that makes the baby curious and wish to see more.

Make bath time a special bonding experience for both you and your baby.

Happy body, happy baby. Feeding the baby breast milk until 6/12 months is very good for the development of body and brains, it wont be easy for any illnesses to attack the babies body and the mother would also need to keep herself and the baby clean at all times. Introducing healthy foods is also important at 6 months for the baby but not over feeding and use clean water. Exercises are important too like stretching of feet and arms of the baby regularly and enough sleep.

Guys when raising a baby you need patience and faith since last year October my daughter has been a healthy and happy baby, she now talks, has her 3 baby teeth and I see she is starting to admire everything about life just let God give you the courage and you will see her or him grow into a superhuman and it comes natural darlings.

Children are not in a rush, we as adults are because, children are always compared and expected to walk or talk at the same age but, children develop and grow differently at their own pace. Eventually, they will walk and talk it's in their nature, just as they went from not sitting to sitting, crawling, holding on to things and eventually learning to walk it will happen.

Give your child love and always tell your child you love her . She will always be in your heart.

Create quality time with your baby by exercising with him/her.

Never force your child to reach milestones before his or her time. Every child develops at their own pace.

Communication is the key to being a good mother.

Babies like to explore each and everything they see. So it is important to keep away sharp objects and all dangerous things far where the child cannot reach.

Having general conversations with your baby helps the baby to develop his/her speech. It could be just talking about how your day was, how delicious the food you have prepared, just talk to your baby and even if it seems like she is not paying attention but it will work. When she sends out a sound or response turn it into a word and repeat it and then add it to the topic.

Communicate with your baby to help him/her to try to speak

Always make sure your baby eats the right food for her brain development

Hey, beautiful moms. My tip is to keep a strong bond with your child by using every minute talking, Playing, singing, bathing your child and avoid junk food when feeding your baby. By doing all that will make it easier to notice if he/she is not feeling well.

If you have a baby older than 4 months who can't sit up without support. Lie him/her on their back. Hold his thighs and let him try sitting-up on his/her own and leave him/her to do the rest. Do it once or twice daily for a week. It will strengthen his/her back and he/she should be able to sit up on their own in a week. Please try to make it as pleasurable as possible. So both of you can enjoy the exercise.

Sing to your baby, read a book to him or her, talk to your baby. This gives them exposure to communication, different words, and sounds. Remember they intimidate everything we do!

Every child develops at his/her speed and time, some walk at 9 months while others are still trying to walk. So, as a first-time parent, I've learned that you should allow your child to develop according to their path since every child is unique and different. Love them and let then be their character with proper guidance from our parents.

Allow baby to play: take time out to play, sing to your baby, make difference sounds like animal sounds (baby really reacts to this giggling an smiling away). Peek-a-boo is my baby favourite and singing to him

Talk, play, sing or play music softly and Interact a lot with your baby from the time you know you are expecting your baby. It's the best bonding between baby and mom and it will assist your baby to be a calm and happy bundle of joy

Most mother's don't notice the development of their babies which is very important at an early stage because it could be fixed. Don't make your baby suffer because of you neglecting the babies needs of development

A healthy baby is fast in developing, make sure you feed your baby healthy food for a healthy development.

Encourage your baby to play with toys that are different in colour, texture, sound, etc.

Moms must play with their babies and find new ways to challenge them every week. This helps with their baby's development

Give unconditional love. Lavish him with cuddles, kisses and pats on the back; *pay attention, set limits, let mistakes happen, make success a snap, accept his emotions and always show love and care.

Being A Mom Is Not At All Easy.Helping Your Baby Develop Is One Of The Most Important Things To Do So You Help Your Baby Grow Much Quicker And Easier..Try To Make Your Baby Pay Attention To All The Things They Need To Know At The Time Of Their Ages,Teach Them A Different Range Of Things Step By Step Do Not Force Them To Know Things At A Quick Speed Instead Help Them With Understanding,Thats The Most Important Part "Understanding"..Don't Put Pressure Walk With Your Baby Slowly Towards Exploring.

Always talk and sing to your baby. They get to know and recognize your voice, also they get to do what you do sing and talk faster. Develop your baby as early as possible. Don't forget to love and trust your mother instinct

Try tying a balloon filled with helium to your baby's walking ring - this encourages them to walk more, not to mention excites them.

Always play with your child while talking to them even if he/she is a toddler.

Teach them to crawl by placing toys just out of reach to encourage them to move forward.

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