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Always make sure you look after your baby a special when she starts taking the first step, don't be afraid if she/he falls is part of growing up. Make sure you find a safe place for her to start taking the first step, try to hold the hand of your baby so that they feel more comfortable and safe. The development of your baby is more important to stay focus. You'll see the difference every month.

Read read read to your baby. It's so important and they become used to books. Readers are leaders

Build a bond with your baby while in the tummy, always pay attention on whatever she does so you can know your child she/he automatically become the sweetest person with no complications.

Since I discovered I was pregnant I would read and talk to my stomach and play music as the books said. I continue doing this once Mia was born. As Mia continues to grow she was far beyond her development age she was doing things at 5 months that 8 months children where doing now she is a 1 and she is already putting her building block into the right holes of the container. Reading and talking to them but no in a "baby" tone does help with their development.

Always talk to your child and make him or her understand what you are saying. It helps him or her speaks well and understand what is right or wrong.

Always talk to your child even if you're gonna change their nappy or bath because you can see it works on your little one as time pass.

Respond to your child's sounds and interests. Tell your child names of different things may it be names of people, animals, etc.

Children learn through playing let them play, their physical development and cognitive development will develop faster when we let them play their choice of activities.

Hi everyone, my baby started potty training and what works for us is no nappy on 1.weekends 2. There is a potty everywhere she plays in the bedroom, outside, dining room and even in the kitchen. She is 1 year 8 months and is doing very well.

We always exercise by singing a song and dancing along with it.

Make sure you don't buy plain clothes for your child because children learn through colours and shapes pictures.

Let your baby play enough in order to develop his/ her small muscles and after make sure he baths and eats healthy food then sleep to grow healthy.

It is very important to start reading for your baby while they are still in the tummy. It increases the baby’s ability to listen.

If your baby is attached to a particular blanket or stuffed animal, just wait, it can help bedtime go more smoothly and is actually a sign of maturity.

Always read, sing and talk to your child, the more words your baby hear the sooner they will be able to talk.

Let's not get hung up on what stage your friends children are at developmentally, children are like the sun and the moon, they shine at different times but are just right.

Allow your baby the opportunity to run around and explore. Take a close look at how he/she interacts with other people. This will help you pick up any abnormal activities or actions coming from your baby. Educate yourself as a mother about each milestone your baby is at and ensure that your baby is developing according to the different milestone he/she is currently going through.

Always read storybooks to you baby, this will encourage them to develop an understanding of different colors and shapes, encourages them to listen attentively.

I've seen the advice of freezing a dummy filled with water to give to baby when teething. We tried it as my little boy really gets aggravated at times with his gums and believe me, it works like magic! Didn't take the iced dummy even 5 minutes to melt, but it numbed his gums for quite a while! Doesn't have to be an expensive dummy, any dummy that can pull up water can do! Just fill the dummy with water, put in the freezer and when baby starts getting niggly with his / her gums then simply give it to them. Its soothing and works like a bomb!

Speech and language development: From 0-6 months, your baby starts to understand speech even before they begin to speak. From a very early age, they will be interested in looking at your face and listening to your voice. At about two to four months, your baby begins to respond to the different tones that you may use. E.g. They may cry if you raise your voice or may laugh or gurgle excitedly if you make a word or sound that they do find funny.

Make sure you massage your baby twice a day it helps with development and checking abnormalities.

Learn your childs' language as she develops like her communication with seeking your attention, mine is clapping hands. She likes clapping her hands so much and she's just 10 months, every time she starts clapping I know she needs mommy attention as I give my attention it gives her even more confidence to want to do even more, she'll be clapping hands eventually she stands up and show me that mommy I can walk too.

Whenever I do laundry I make sure the toilet door is closed so that she doesn't go inside and play with water in the bathing basket, because if I don't close the door she might try to put a hand into the water and drown. I also make sure that the floor is always clean so that she doesn't pick up anything and put it in her mouth. That might lead to illness, allergies or being admitted in the hospital. When she's playing with her sister I try to make open space and put pillows down so that even if she falls she doesn't get hurt.

Always hold your baby close to you, put your baby on your chest. Have a conversation with your baby they might not understand what we are saying but they feel their mother's love.


When you're breastfeeding always make a conversation with your baby to make the bond stronger and help your baby in developing mind sense.

Hey Moms, I make sure my baby sleep on his stomach, to ensure he sleeps well and this position helps him to relax and sleep longer.

Always show love and affection. Give them a chance to show off their skills and when they do always honour, acknowledge and praise their efforts!

As soon as your baby starts to talk, speak to them properly. The way you speak e.g don't say dada for daddy say it as it is daddy that way your baby will be speaking properly before she or he is 2 years old.

When teaching your baby to use words, don't use bad language or raise your voice when talking to the baby so that they will grow better with respect.

The health of your baby comes first, make sure she/he eat, wear warms when it's cold so they can't get any flu and make sure she/he goes to the doctor or clinic to check with everything to see development on the baby.

During tummy time, introduce visual toys and flash cards for baby to look up to. This will strengthen their core and build their muscle tone.

To all mothers with more than one child, yes they come a bit handy at times, but remember each child is different, hence we cannot apply the same methods to all of them. Rest when you get the chance to, they still need you as energetic as possible.

Grow your babies brain by singing and dancing for your baby. Bright coloured toys with soft music is good for you baby.

Stimulate your baby as much as you can through singing and dancing for him/her he'll soon join in each time you start that's the best way giving a baby a personality.

Do not rush your baby to do things other babies do, every baby is unique. Watch out which developmental stages your baby masters and focus on them not what he/she can't do, remember he/she will eventually get there, it's only a matter of time.

Always use your index finger to test the your baby's eye sight. Go left and right to test the eyes . Put your index finger to their nose if they make twisted eyes just know they can see.

No matter how you feel never give your baby a bad vibe, babies are humans too they can sense negative energy. Always try to be happy around your baby so he/she can grow as a happy baby. Everything you do, do it with love and care. Let's show them love!

No two mommy's are the same, what works for me might not work for you. Learn what your baby loves and allow yourself to be led by him/her.

Making time to play with your baby does help on baby development. Buy baby toys appropriate for his/her age. Take walks to show baby outside to see different things going on the outside that makes the baby curious and wish to see more.

Make bath time a special bonding experience for both you and your baby.

Happy body, happy baby. Feeding the baby breast milk until 6/12 months is very good for the development of body and brains, it wont be easy for any illnesses to attack the babies body and the mother would also need to keep herself and the baby clean at all times. Introducing healthy foods is also important at 6 months for the baby but not over feeding and use clean water. Exercises are important too like stretching of feet and arms of the baby regularly and enough sleep.

Guys when raising a baby you need patience and faith since last year October my daughter has been a healthy and happy baby, she now talks, has her 3 baby teeth and I see she is starting to admire everything about life just let God give you the courage and you will see her or him grow into a superhuman and it comes natural darlings.

Children are not in a rush, we as adults are because, children are always compared and expected to walk or talk at the same age but, children develop and grow differently at their own pace. Eventually, they will walk and talk it's in their nature, just as they went from not sitting to sitting, crawling, holding on to things and eventually learning to walk it will happen.

Give your child love and always tell your child you love her . She will always be in your heart.

Create quality time with your baby by exercising with him/her.

Never force your child to reach milestones before his or her time. Every child develops at their own pace.

It's very important to watch our baby steps, as they grow excitement grows as well. They start exploring, we need to think for them before they even think for themselves to avoid harmful incidents/accident /injuries.

Communication is the key to being a good mother.

A child need to be treated with care and love in a good and healthy environment ♡♡♡.

Moms should stop comparing their baby's development with other babies even if they were born more or less the same time, each baby develop differently from the other. Each baby has his/her own journey, so let them be.

When breast feeding your baby moms you need to rub very gently your baby's head, the very soft spot of your baby's head whilst feeding the baby, this technique helps the baby's soft spot in the head to quickly grow hard and not only that but also as the baby enjoys this technique it helps with the bondage of the mother and child.

Babies like to explore each and everything they see. So it is important to keep away sharp objects and all dangerous things far where the child cannot reach.

Having general conversations with your baby helps the baby to develop his/her speech. It could be just talking about how your day was, how delicious the food you have prepared, just talk to your baby and even if it seems like she is not paying attention but it will work. When she sends out a sound or response turn it into a word and repeat it and then add it to the topic.

Communicate with your baby to help him/her to try to speak

It's important to see changes in your child after every clinic visit. For an example my child is 20 months, now she can put on her shoes, I am very proud because she understands most of the things I ask her.

It's a good thing to see the beautiful smile of your baby everyday.

Always make sure your baby eats the right food for her brain development

Always make sure your baby eats the right foods for her brain development.

Hey, beautiful moms. My tip is to keep a strong bond with your child by using every minute talking, Playing, singing, bathing your child and avoid junk food when feeding your baby. By doing all that will make it easier to notice if he/she is not feeling well.

Always wonder what your little one is doing, especially when they're quiet as he might be busy with something that could be harmful.

Listen to the sounds your baby makes, talk to him. He needs Vitamin A from the clinic at 9 months, then every 6 months until he turns 5. Make sure you feed him/her water regularly. A happy baby makes life a lot easier.

If you have a baby older than 4 months who can't sit up without support. Lie him/her on their back. Hold his thighs and let him try sitting-up on his/her own and leave him/her to do the rest. Do it once or twice daily for a week. It will strengthen his/her back and he/she should be able to sit up on their own in a week. Please try to make it as pleasurable as possible. So both of you can enjoy the exercise.

If you haven't witnessed a tantrum yet, you may soon. Tantrums are an expression of frustration over something a toddler can't do.

Teach your babies how to pray when you give them food. Our kids must know how to pray when its food time and when its bed time!! So be the best mom by teaching your kid about God.

Sing to your baby, read a book to him or her, talk to your baby. This gives them exposure to communication, different words, and sounds. Remember they intimidate everything we do!

Every child has his/her own development some walk at 9 months while others are still trying to walk, so as a first time parent I've learnt that u should allow your child to develop according to their path since every child is unique and different. Love them and let them be their own character with proper guidance from us parents.

Every child develops at his/her speed and time, some walk at 9 months while others are still trying to walk. So, as a first-time parent, I've learned that you should allow your child to develop according to their path since every child is unique and different. Love them and let then be their character with proper guidance from our parents.

A child is like a black page, where every passerby leaves a mark! What you teach now will later become their habits!

Sometimes babies grow faster then we expect, and learn most of the things faster. Which is a great thing. We as mothers we love it when we see our babies grow.

It's very important to give eye content with your baby talk to them from they early-stage. The results are amazing to watch.

The best thing you can feed your baby when they're still less than 6 months is your breast milk for strong bones and teeth you won't go wrong.

Mommies! Try and enjoy your baby every step of the way and not rush for new milestones. Of course when you feel that something is not right and your baby is behind with a few months then talk to your Dr or Nurse to help you further. Other than that enjoy your baby and interact with him/her. Do activities together, read to your baby, massage after every bath and encourage him/ her.

Do not feed your baby salty food before he or she develop teeth because it may delay his or her teething process.

Watch your babies development everyday, you'll be amazed at how clever our babies are.

Take your baby to the clinic for a check up routine and to check how well the baby is growing and developing.

Allow your baby to play with older kids that will help them to adapt and it helps them to be smarter and quicker in things because they want to catch up with other kids pace.

Greetings Mommies, growing a child is never easy, here is a tip develop a big unconditional love in your heart, fast and refrain from anger, play with your child, pay closer attention to her/his personality. Be a friend to him/her you won't go wrong. Most importantly, pray for her in a way you want her to grow up, ask the lord to strengthen you to be the best parent and your child to be a child who grows under christian commandments. God will provide.

Hi mommies, I would like to advise you to not always hold your baby, let her/him play and while you watch him or her, that way you will realize the development, improvement and know your baby perspectives in everything he touched or holds , how he reacts with new things and mostly her everyday growing improvement.

I really enjoy to look at how my son get to grow everyday. All his development makes me always be greatful for been his mother.

Playing music for your little one plays a great role in developing the little one's personality. They sing along thus helping with the speech, they dance along thus helping the little one to move with the rhythm. You can easily pick up when they are happy or sad as well, happy days they sing and/or dance and sad days they get irritated when you play music for them sometimes they even cry.

Soft Music can develop your baby to become more smarter, play music when your baby is sleeping.

Each month its a new month for our young ones, therefore paying attention to detail is very important. How they were doing things last month might result to do something else the next month. Play with them, give them objects (not any dangerous ones) to play with, you will see them babbling.

Talk to your little one, let them know what you are doing, sing for them, laugh and play with them. Make them understand your voice.

Letting your baby lay on you chest once in a while helps him/her to sleep longer help with their brain development.

Once in a while let your baby lie on your chest and listen to your heartbeat, it's good for their brain development and they sleep peacefully for a long time.

Allow baby to play: take time out to play, sing to your baby, make difference sounds like animal sounds (baby really reacts to this giggling an smiling away). Peek-a-boo is my baby favourite and singing to him

Talk, play, sing or play music softly and Interact a lot with your baby from the time you know you are expecting your baby. It's the best bonding between baby and mom and it will assist your baby to be a calm and happy bundle of joy

Most mother's don't notice the development of their babies which is very important at an early stage because it could be fixed. Don't make your baby suffer because of you neglecting the babies needs of development

A healthy baby is fast in developing, make sure you feed your baby healthy food for a healthy development.

Encourage your baby to play with toys that are different in colour, texture, sound, etc.

Moms must play with their babies and find new ways to challenge them every week. This helps with their baby's development

Give unconditional love. Lavish him with cuddles, kisses and pats on the back; *pay attention, set limits, let mistakes happen, make success a snap, accept his emotions and always show love and care.

Being A Mom Is Not At All Easy.Helping Your Baby Develop Is One Of The Most Important Things To Do So You Help Your Baby Grow Much Quicker And Easier..Try To Make Your Baby Pay Attention To All The Things They Need To Know At The Time Of Their Ages,Teach Them A Different Range Of Things Step By Step Do Not Force Them To Know Things At A Quick Speed Instead Help Them With Understanding,Thats The Most Important Part "Understanding"..Don't Put Pressure Walk With Your Baby Slowly Towards Exploring.

Always talk and sing to your baby. They get to know and recognize your voice, also they get to do what you do sing and talk faster. Develop your baby as early as possible. Don't forget to love and trust your mother instinct

Try tying a balloon filled with helium to your baby's walking ring - this encourages them to walk more, not to mention excites them.

Always play with your child while talking to them even if he/she is a toddler.

Teach them to crawl by placing toys just out of reach to encourage them to move forward.

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