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Always smile n clap or congratulate your child for doing something new, it motivates them and makes them happy.

We should care for our babies, always make sure the house is hygienic and be around the baby to help him and take a close look at him while exploring new things

Please moms make sure that you keep all the electronic and high temperature items away from your children to avoid burning.

Always wash your hands before feeding your baby. Bath him or her everyday and make sure the room is clean.

If you have more than 1 kid, for you as a parent, you have to make your kids take care of each other and adore each other a lot, you need to teach them to tell each other that they love one another and also need to hug and kiss each other everyday. I always teach my daughters that, they are one and the same thing and nothing can change that..

After bath time we used a hairdryer to dry the baby. This helped dry him instantly and the spots that's difficult and sensitive to dry like the inside of arms and knees. The sound of the hairdryer also made him fall asleep instantly!

Never skip your babies doctor's visit even if it's just for weighed, it is very important as the doctor/nurse might pick up irregularities and help both mommy and baby in time.

Always love your child even when he/she is disabled kids are something special.

I recommend Qhuma for baby when they're teething, a daily basis once a child is about 6+ months. Their teeth will just pop out without any diarrhea or flu experience until all of their teeth comes out.

I'm a very protective & over-caring mom to my son. Taking care of your child is the easiest thing to do. I really enjoy motherhood.

Babies skin is very sensitive you must be careful of what you apply on your babies skin.

Give unconditional love to our children.

Caring is loving.

I like to take care of my baby and to show her love.

Mommies, it's good to wipe your baby after eating and apply lotion for your baby to maintain smooth skin.

Love your child no matter what.

The best thing is to love my angel more than anything and sometimes being a single mother can cause some mothers to not care. My point is, the best thing is to love your child as you love your self.

Let your child explore everything through you, play with her, make feeding time fun and sing with her while listening to music plus talk to her and cuddle with her.

Hi, mums, we must always clean the bottles using water and clean brush, you must boil your bottles for hygiene and keep them in the fridge. When you are making food for your baby wash your hands.

Don't ignore your baby give him or her your full attention.


Being a mum comes naturally. The best way to take care of your child is by listening to your inner voice and do not overthink your judgments.

Every child is sensitive, so my advice to every mom, before we take our kids to daycare we must give them spoon of creche guard medication, and inside their bags put allergy medication for incase, this helps me a lot my child is no longer getting sick easily, thank you!!

Please don't use a perfumed product on your baby's skin because baby skin is sensitive

The best remedy for nappy rash is Sudocrem

It is always essential to keep your baby's hands clean. Wash his/her hands before or after food. To avoid germs that might cause diarrhea.

Use one product on your baby cause if you change you may cause skin problem for the baby.

Hello mommies! Please make sure that you buy your baby a pillowcase, she/he must not sleep on the flat face because she may vomit and it will go straight to the nose. Make sure after every time you feed your baby you rub her back.

It is important to cuddle your baby skin to skin. That helps to make the baby be strong and grow very well it is also a healing mechanism. When my baby is coming down with the flu. I usually hold her close to my chest and within a little time, her flu will subsidize.

A gentle full body massage now and then after a bath relaxes a baby and makes him sleep for a while longer than usual. # a happy child

Parents let us make sure our babies do drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables, lastly let them get enough sleep.

If your baby has sensitive skin (like mine), don't use fragranced products, it aggravates the skin. When it comes to specifically nappy rash, use CORN STARCH (such as Maizena) on the affected area just as it is, like you would baby powder. It dries it up within a few hours and by the following day, the rash would be gone. It worked wonders on my little girl.

Show him /her pure, gentle love

Always put your baby close to your chest for direct bonding and assuring your baby that you love and care for him/her. Let your baby feel your heart beat.

Always love and care for your baby

I believe that motherhood is friendship so we have to kewp them happy all the time and make them feel special.

Wash and boil baby's feeding cups/bottles for total hygienic inside out.

Caring is the most important thing especially of our babies.

Always make sure you keep your baby warm and hydrated this winter .

Teach your children to love themselves so only the best will come out from their bodies and minds

Make time to spend with your child - it is important to always have a good relationship with your child.

Make sure you feed your baby so that he/she can grow and stay healthy - you have to take care of your baby all the times.

Everyone cares but caring for a baby comes naturally when you're a mom

I love her taking care of her making sure that she

Playing with your baby brings happiness and makes him or her to know your voice

Make sure that your baby always in good health

Massaging your baby is a good bonding method, and is also great to do when they are a bit restless.

Every time after changing your baby's nappy wash your hands or if you away from home make sure you have a hand sanitizer everywhere you go. Take care of your baby in everyway

Love your child.

Life is too short. The little moment you get with your children, use it to show them how much you love them. Telling them "I love you" gives them more confidence to know you have their back

Soothe painful gums with a cold washcloth, spoon or cold teething ring.

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