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Wash your baby's clothes with a simple soap, because their skin is sensitive. Don't dry their clothes in the sun for too long use organic soap.

Always ensure your baby's clothes are cotton because it's good for your baby's sensitive skin.

Buy bigger clothes, babies grow so fast. For example if your baby is few days old don't buy newborn clothes rather buy 0-3 months old.

Always make sure you iron your baby clothes.

Mommies, please after taking off your baby's clothes from washing line make sure you iron them before making your baby wear it

It's important to buy comfortable clothes for your baby.

Don't put on small clothes for your baby. Your baby should be able to move, play and freely walk around.

At Ackermans store I know everything that I need for my baby to wear is always available hot or cold.

I know during the seasons that my baby will be very comfortable with the clothes that I used to buy at Ackermans store.

Sometimes adding or removing a layer of clothing is all you need to do :)

Always think of the baby's safety when you dress your baby. Most important protect your baby by always dressing her with a vest to cover her whole body.

You must make sure that your baby wears something that goes with the weather so that he/she can be comfortable.

After washing your baby's clothes Ironed them.

Always make sure baby sleeping clothes are not uncomfortable or tight. Put them into something lose when they sleep.

Don't rush to dress your baby in denim. They don't like being uncomfortable in the first few months of their life. Try babygrows, vests and light clothes.

A child should wear comfortable clothes during summertime.

Ensure that your baby is wearing clothes according to the weather and is in a clean environment where she/he will not catch sicknesses.

Baby clothes should be comfortable so that you can see your baby moves his/her body part and see the smile and love on the face.

Make sure you have 2 outfits in your child's nappy bag. One must be warm and the other one must be light in case it gets hot or cold during the day.

As a father I always make sure all the surrounding area of my daughter, her feeding utensils and toys are clean to avoid germs because for her age, everything goes straight to her mouth, she don't hesitate.

Ackerman's baby wear is so nice, comfortable and beautiful that why I keep buying for my baby girl.

Don't cover your baby with a lot blankets especially when it's hot, to avoid baby skin irritation. Your baby needs fresh air.

In winter make sure that the baby wears warm and comfortable clothes.

Always put on comfortable, breathable clothes for your baby so that they can relax, move and play freely without tight clothes making them feel uncomfortable.

Hello moms, make sure your baby wears clean and ironed clothes every day because ironing help in killing germs especially the inner vests and with that your baby will always be lovely and cute everyday.

Always make sure you dress your little one with comfortable clothes good texture and fitting size.

Moms when dressing up your babies, please try to use at least two vests, an under trouser, socks and a warm baby grow and please don't forget to put on a hat, babies have fragile skin, they can catch cold very easily.

Ensure your baby looks nice at anytime.

Always know your size of your baby, don't buy big sizes for your baby because he/she looks nice. Always know the colour that fits with your baby, if he/she is dark skin don't buy dark colours. Let's dress our babies nicely with Ackemans kiddies clothing ... Thank you.

Don't buy baby grows with clips down the one leg to the side, it makes it really hard to change baby's nappy.

Always make sure you have extra clothes packed, especially when you have a 2 year old.

Always pack extra clothes.

Whenever you go out with your baby always take an extra few clothing items. In case of weather change or unexpected messy accidents.

The reason why the vests have that slits on the shoulders, it's to roll the vest down the body when baby has pooed and made everything dirty. So instead of taking vest off over the head, roll it down over the shoulders, arms and mid body right down to the feet of the baby.

If your child has outgrown the long sleeves babygrows or winter babygrows, you can become creative by cutting the sleeves and the legs of the babygrow, making it short and convenient for summer since we are a month away.

In winter warm & fuzzy onesie’s that make your little one look like a little bear is a winner! They can sleep in them and if you’ve got a warm one you don’t need to worry if your baby is like mine and enjoys kicking off blankets.

I always show my baby girl what clothes she's going to wear to see her reaction whether she likes it or not and it works.

Make sure that the clothes that you kid wears ain't too tight nor too big so that they can be able to move and play freely in them.

Babygrows (onesies) are life, they save time and money as long as the baby is between 0-12 months has to wear comfortable clothing like onesies because they don't interfere with the physical development phases of the baby and are not too tight and uncomfortable.

Always make sure you dress your baby in comfortable clothing when going out. Jeans are a no-no for babies they tend to fiddle and cry a lot whilst wearing them.

Baby must always be comfortable.

Dear mom's, make sure that you don't buy the exact size of clothes for your baby they grow up too fast otherwise, you will end up buying every time.

Always iron your baby clothes after they have been washed and dried under the sun! There are insects out there that lay eggs while the clothes are drying up on the line!

Your baby must wear according to the weather. When it is cold the baby must wear warm clothes and when it's sunny the baby must be protected from the sun.

Your baby must always wear clean clothes and don't put on tight clothes. Must wear clothes according to the weather.

Wash all new baby clothing before first time wear to avoid skin rash. And don't use fabric softener yet until they are over 1 year at least.

Don’t spend lots of money on clothes. Spend a lot of time with your baby, they grow fast and you will miss them.

I always keep baby looking good all the time by dressing them in Ackermans clothing all the time.

Layer your little bundle of joy during winter to avoid exposure to the harsh coldness on the sensitive skin.

Mothers please do not dress babies to much, they need to get used to the universe temperature.

Make sure you dress your child warm this winter

Take of care your baby and make sure your baby wears nice comfortable clothes especially from Ackermans during this winter and the next. Love your baby.

In order to keep your baby looking good and keep warm do the shopping at Ackermans clothing shop.

Hey mummies god have blessed me with girls, I love them so much from my firstborn, 2nd and the 3rd. It's always necessary to keep your young one warm all times during winter.

Babies should wear bright, colorful clothes that fit them well so that they are comfortable and playful ☺️

Your baby must wear warm and comfortable clothes.

The colors and dress code represents you as person so let us try to dress our babies in a way that people can fall in love with them. It boosts their self esteem even if they are babies.

Always make sure you dress baby in warm clothes but, make sure the baby will be comfortable all the time. Make sure you don't cover your baby's hand with hand gloves because with your touch you're bonding with your baby.

Make sure you buy from Ackermans , every thing is warm for kids ! I Gooooo wit Ackermans.

Making sure your baby is dressed comfortable, neat and tidy will encourage him to look and feel good all the time.

Whenever you change baby clothes never keep them unwashed, it helps them to change color, because whatever that will have stained the clothes comes out better when you wash it immediately than when you leave it for later.

Always dress your child in Ackermans clothing, they are affordable and you baby will look amazing.

It is best to iron all your baby clothes after washing them before packing them, this prevents baby from having skin problems from germs left by flies on the line and also helps you store your clothes neatly.

As a parent I always make sure that my baby is warm to avoid him catching cold. I always go for ackermans clothes they're very affordable and cute.

I’ve noticed that most Mom’s over cover the baby with lots of warm clothes and blankets even on warmer days. I believe the baby needs to be able to adjust in all kind of weather. They are people after all. Dress your baby as you would dress yourself.

When I buy clothes for my baby I look for quality first then I compare prices, that helps me to get comfortable clothes at a reasonable prices for my daughter and all that I get at Ackermans store.

Whenever there's a sale I always buy a bigger size for the next season, because I know they will get to that size no matter what.

Give him or her that beautiful look by dressing her nicely without showing a diaper and make sure she wears shoes hey socks only are a turn off.

Baby always needs warm and comfortable clothing and footwear.

Babies must be comfortable in everything they wear as parents we must know which clothes to choose for them. I prefer baby grows because they are little bit warm and they comfortable in them.

I make sure that my baby wears attractive and colourful clothes all the time.

Kiddies shoe sizes change every now and then but what I have learnt after coming home with the cutest shoes which ended up to be small for my daughter is to always take her with when we go shoe shopping for her. This way, she gets to fit the shoes in store.

Every child looks amazing when they are wearing smart cloths.

The baby need to wear comfortable and clean clothes in other for them to always stay warm.

This is 2019 moms, baby rompers are good for sleeping and just chilling at home, they are so outdated for going out. There's a huge range to choose from, let's make our garden flourish, Ackermans has everything that will make our flowers stand out at a very affordable price, so what are you waiting for, skinny jeans go with anything.

Parents must not buy many clothes especially newborn size for new born babies because they grow faster

support your baby and show lots of love

Always make sure your kids are dressed properly by the best in the country

Know you baby’s skin tone and personality and dress the baby according to that. Mix and match and understand prices matter less because what matters is the outfits. Dress baby according to the occasion/function your are attending; if weather is cold find the outfit that matches with the perfect matching colour.

Make sure that whenever you go out with your baby that you're dressed similar - this develops a stronger bond, love and friendship between you and your baby

Try to buy shoes that will be comfortable for your baby and avoid rop on their shoes.

baby's in warm winter

Winter make sure you buy ackermans baby grows hats and blankets they warm and soft to have for your little one love ackermans

Dress your baby according to the weather. If it's a rainy, stormy day wear bright, dress your baby warm in bold bright colours to lighten the gloomy mood.

For baby's first walking shoes, choose outsoles that are flexible with enough room for natural movement.

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